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Upper-Air Sounding System

Upper-Air Sounding System is meteorological factor (temperature, Relative humidity, pressure,

wind direction, wind speed)  measurement system from surface to 35 km 

Upper-Air Observation are needed to forecast weather and to detect climate change.

It were performed twice a day in the world (about 1700 Observation site)


The WxR-301D uses Upper air meteorological simulation system to precisely calibrate according to wind speed and solar radiation in various weather conditions, and has high observation accuracy.

Dual temperature sensor technology enables real-time correction of solar radiation

regardless of visibility, latitude, longitude and sun altitude.





WxRE-401 is an RF receiver for high-altitude weather observation.

It can receive frequencies of 400.15 ~ 406MHz through Helix antenna, 
and it can be equipped with UHF, GPS and USB cable at the rear.





WxAS-101 is a set of Antennas for Upper air Sounding.

 It is possible to receive the frequency of 400 ~ 406MHz and the receiving distance is 150km. 

The preamplifier is built in, and the length of the accessory antenna connection cable is 30m.